Ellison Machining & Engineering
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Facilities List

(1) Matsuura MC-660VG
(2) Matsuura MC-510VG
(1) Haas Tool Room CNC Mill
(3) Bridgeport Vertical Mills
(1) Haas CNC Lathe Model ST20
(1) Haas CNC Lathe Model SL20
(1) Citizen L20VII Swiss Screw Machine
(1) Citizen L16VI Swiss Screw Machine
(1) LNS Tryton Autoomatic Bar Feeder
(1) Spego Automatic Bar Feeder
(1) Clausing 14x40 Precision Lathe
(1) Hardinge Manual Hand Screw
(1) Boice C 301 CMM
(1) Deltronic Comparitor
(1) 2x3 Granite inspection plate with certificates
(1) Mitutoyo Digital Height stand
(1) Inspection gage blocks and gage pins with certifications
(1) Numberous micrometers, V-blocks, indicators, bore gauges, thread gauges, etc.
(1) IIC Cam System
(1) Citizen Software
(1) L-Tec Wire Feed Welder
(1) 9x12 Capacity Saw
(1) 8x12 Acer Automatic Grinder
(1) Model SP14 Supra 818AHD
(1) 6x12 Manual Grinder
(1) Surfcam Software
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